Larne farmers wanted to give away land

Twenty farmers who lived six miles outside Larne offered Antrim County Council land for free to facilitate the construction of a new road.

In July 1966, the farmers wanted the council to build them a “tarmac highway” to replace a rough stone laneway.

However, Antrim County Council was opposed to the development due to the cost.

It was estimated that the road would cost £60,000 to complete which would lead to a rise in domestic rates bills.

Larne Rural councillor Johnson Connor who supported the farmers’ campaign, said: “As far as Larne Rural Council and Antrim County Council is concerned, the road is out of the question.

“I know it affects a lot of people but the councils feel it would be a big burden on the rates.

“Unless there is a change in government legislation, bigger grants for projects such as this will not be available.”

One farmer, Thomas Weatherup, who owned a 20-acre mixed holding, said: “As far as I am concerned, the council can have as much of my land as they need to build the road.”

He went on to say that on occasions, he had become stuck whilst transporting machinery on the laneway.