Larne donkey to be the star of the show

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A donkey was set to be the star of the show in a BBC programme in January 1959.

Barney the donkey was set to be a member of the Larne team which was to appear in the BBC variety competition “Top Town.”

Four auditions for the programme had been held in Larne, with the judges keen on selecting the local animal.

If the team was picked to represent Northern Ireland, millions of viewers from across Britain were set to see the show.

However, Barney was not letting all the fame go to his head, as he quietly grazed on grass in fields in Kilwaughter in the run-up to the team being selected.

The Larne team were set to fly to the North of England for the programme which would be on television in March 1959,

A BBC spokesperson said: “If the act is good enough to go on, then the donkey will be taken without question.”

The team were wary that if they were selected, they may not be able to take Barney to England with them.

They said that they did not want to perform with any other animals, as Barney had been trained for the show and other donkeys would not be able to do the performance in the same way.