How to create a healthy meal plan for a week of dinners

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Meal planning companies have seen their profits skyrocket in recent years as businesses like Gousto and Hello Fresh provide thousands of meal kits to hungry family’s across the UK every week.

The kits come with recipes to prepare meals and include everything from herbs and spices to sauces and toppings to season the dish.

Whilst the kits may be a tasty time saving option, they’re costly, with a classic box from Hello Fresh including 4 recipes for 4 people costing £3.44 per meal, and Gousto’s box offering 4 recipes for a family of four coming in at £47.75 per box.

Combine these prices with the cost of school lunches, breakfast and snacks, and you could see your weekly food shop double in price, and whilst the meal kits cut down the amount of time needed to cook, they don’t eliminate the process all together.

Meal planning or ‘meal prep’ as it’s referred to on social media, has long been a necessity for fitness fanatics who need to monitor calorie and protein intake. However, meal prepping is now a life saver for working parents hoping to ensure their family eats healthily during the week.