Larne's top dogs - as nominated by you!

We asked Larne Times readers to send in the best pictures of their perfect pooches, along with a few words about what makes them so special.

Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 3:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 3:08 pm
Ruth Wilson: "My 12-year-old Golden Retriever Sunny looking majestic in Ballyboley Forest."

From life-long canine companions to playful puppies, every single one of them is simply the best in their owner’s eyes and it’s easy to see why.

Thank you to everyone who sent pictures in of these much-loved pets. We were delighted to receive so many and as a result we made a couple of online galleries. We hope everyone enjoys saying ‘hello’ to these fabulous hounds in the second one here.

Kirsty Thomas: "My fur baby Tala, 3 yrs old, crossbreed. Always at my feet when I need her (and even when I don't)."
Paul Compton: "This is Jess, the destroyer of worlds, chillin like a lord."
Maureen Gilbert Knox: "Nellie."
Joni Kirkpatrick: "My little Shihtzu Reggie."
Margaret Wallace: "This is Zetta. Living on my own and working from home has been a real challenge especially during lockdown but I’m so lucky to have this beautiful big girl by my side every day. She’s my rock."
Helen Turner: "My wee Sam the man."
Kadine Houston: "My two gorgeous girls. Kama left.. She is our rescue. Nala to the right.. We lost her in June and she was only six. We miss her so so much. The two best dogs who are brilliant with my one-year-old daughter. She still runs about shouting Nala."
Lorraine Collins McRandal: "My beautiful Tori nearly 11 most placid well behaved member of my family unlike my hubby and kids. She’s always happy to see me and does what she’s told always."
Ruth McClintock: "This is Molly, she turned a year in February. She's been my best friend since she came. She's a great listener most of the time and I rarely go anywhere without her. She's been my wee angel since she entered my life. I'm my happiest with my wee woman. Plus she's so cute when she's trimmed."
Hollye Hamilton: "This is Cooper our two-year-old border collie! We rehomed him a few weeks before lockdown and he certainly kept us on our toes throughout the most handsome, hyper and clever boy you could ever meet! We would be lost without him."
Julie White; " This is my eight-year-old whippet Lucy with her human baby brother three years ago this girl knew I was pregnant twice before I did and she's the best babysitter in the world."
Hollye Hamilton: "Our little pug Charlie! He is just the best boy! Here he is enjoying a lovely day out at Antrim Castle. He didn’t leave my side during lockdown and when I was working from home he really did help get me through each day- the best work buddy I could have asked for."
Vicky Kyle: "Ivy my 11yr old retired guide dog. No words could describe how incredible she is!"
Trev McRoberts: "The main man - Harry."
Helen Magee: "My 3 - Jun,o Daisy and RD."
Robert Burke: "Wee Chico."
Robert Burke: "Our big retriever Bruno."
Avril McClintock: "Ralphy, who was the love of my life. Here he is out for a ride when the cancer wouldn't let him walk far. I miss him still. Rest in peace."
Lynsey Hylands: "I've loads of dogs but this is Harvey. He was born with a cleft palate and no 1 was sure if he would make it that was 8 weeks ago and look at him now that makes him special and my wee fighter!"
Rebecca Magill: "This is Lily, she’s a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Jack Russell and she is the bestest girl! We got her almost 2 years ago which was the best thing for me as it got me over my fear of dogs! Now if I’m not downstairs at my usual time, she comes up to my room to get me."
Melanie Domingsil Armstrong: "Our Ssuper sausage dog Milo. He is eight years old and he was born in Hong Kong. In 2014 Milo won first place for the dog with the bushiest tail competition in Hong Kong. In 2015 Milo made his long journey for travelling from Hong Kong to Northern Ireland and he was the winner of Only yonkin mobile farm competition in 2019 (The cutest pet photo). Milo is the first baby in our family and we love him so much."
Glenda O'Neill: "Flynn and Lyla. Counter surfing partners in crime but love to give hugs and cuddles!"
Paula Thompson: "My 2 menaces, Rocco is a Tibetan Terrier & Gruff is a Shih Tzu."
Saskia Mckeown: "Our boys Fudge and Oreo enjoying a run around. we would be lost without our boys - best big brothers to our 1.5 year old daughter too."
Cathy Reynolds: "Echo and Joanie, (rescue puppies we didn’t name)."
Adele Mckeown: "Our boys Finnley, the Old English Sheepdog, and Jarvis our mad Cocker Spaniel."
Janet Davidson: !Our lovely Vera. Did we rescue her or did she rescue us?"
Jillian Bearns: "Stan the man, who I rescued last year. When he arrived he was terrified of everything. His confidence is coming on leaps and bounds now he has started training for agility."
Mandy Haggan: "Molly who makes me smile even on the hardest of days."
Sophie McMullan: " Rocco my 3y ear old rottie Hes always following to see what ur at and is just a massive goofball."
Jenny Mellor: "Marley, six-year-old chocolate lab and Willow, eight-month-old lurcher."
Alex Ferguson: "Alfie Withers. Best wee bar dog."
Gillian Mc Cormick: "My new puppy, Winston."
Jillian Duffin: "Oscar and Cooper - best dogs."
Emma Alison: "Our shihtzu Max."
Leeanne Macauley: "Cheeko enjoying his sleep."
Louise McIlroy: "Poppy the oldie."
Jeff McWhirter: "Lord Suggs."