Explosion led to gas ban in Larne flats

Gas appliances were banned from Larne’s new high rise flats due to open in July 1968.

Three multi-storey blocks had been constructed at Mill Street.

They were developed by Larne Borough Council at a cost of £1 million.

Following a recent tragedy at a block of flats in London, the council decided against permitting the use of gas appliances by tenants.

Four people died in the capital following a gas explosion in a tower block killing four people.

Assistant town clerk Michael Blackwood said: “The council is taking steps to see that bottled gas will not be allowed in the flats.”

He indicated that only electrical applicances would be allowed in an attempt to reassure prospective tenants.

He added: “We are pretty happy that there is nothing wrong structurally with the flats.

He explained that they were constructed from factory produced pre-stressed concrete units.

He went on to say that the new flats in Larne could accommodate 270 tenants.

Rent was priced at £3 6s per week for a three-bedroom flat; £2 16s for a two-bedroom flat and £2 9s for one-bedroom.