Do you remember when . . . Bronze was height of fashion for men

Bronze was the colour for fashionable men to wear in September 1967.

According to men’s outfitter John Kirkpatrick, despite this being “the colour of the moment”, men still preferred “dressy charcoals, greys or all stripes”.

Fred Boal, manager of the Savings Bank, revealed Larne folk to be thrifty with 12,000 savers increasing the branch’s capital by £1 million since 1948.

Cafe owner Mrs Ross reported an “agreeable number of customers.

She indicated that more people were eating out following an end to rationing.

She noted that traffic was “very slight” at Upper Main Street.

Forty years previously, entrance to Upper Main Street was gained through a wooden gate from High Street.

The Naggy Burn flowed downards on its way from the top of The Roddens to the sea.

However, the river continued to run under the street despite having been “filled up”.