Court in Glenarm adjourned due to insufficient heating

Resident Magistrate John Fox refused to hold another sitting at Glenarm Petty Sessions until there was adequate heating in the courtroom.

Mr. Fox told the court in December 1963 that he would not permit the court to sit unless heating was provided.

The magistrate was wearing a heavy overcoat and scarf at the time.

Solicitor James Ballantine, from Ballymena and clerk Alfred White were also wearing overcoats despite a coal fire “burning brightly” but with “little effect” on the temperature.

Also finding the weather conditions tough was D Company of the 6th Battalion RUR which was taking part in “Operation Moonlight Saunter”.

The men from Larne and Ballyclare were on exercise in “bleak” weather conditions in the Antrim hills.

The exercise included an “assault” on cliffs and a “strike” on land followed by a simulated attack on a “nuclear power station” at Robin Young’s Hill.

Reveille was at 4.30 am. A helicopter was unable to take off due to bad weather. It would have been the first time in Northern Ireland in which a helicopter would have been used by a TA unit on company exercise in Northern Ireland.