Controversy over ‘Larne Says No’ banner at Town Hall

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There was controversy surrounding the erection of a ‘Larne Says No’ banner in January 1986.

Unionist representatives erected the banner at the council buildings on the Victoria Road- despite warnings that planning permission was needed.

Council officers were to seek the appropriate permission in retrospect.

The proposal to erect the banner was made at a previous council meeting by Ald Jack McKee and seconded by Cllr Roy Beggs.

Mr Beggs said the hanging of the banner reaffirmed the councils total opposition to the Anglo Irish Agreement through non-violent means and the proper political process. He said: “If the Northern Ireland Office wishes to obstruct the Ulster people as they express their opposition to this agreement, they will continue to attempt to create difficulties for councils which erect banners.”

Mr McKee said he did not regret the decision to erect the banner.

DUP Assemblyman Jim Allister described the announcement by the Department of the Environment that permission must be sought as “petulant” and deserving of “utter contempt”.