Community urged to raise £400 for Churchill memorial

Larne residents were challenged to raise £400 for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Appeal chairman Earl Alexander initially suggested a figure of £380 but borough councillors agreed the sum should be increased to £400.

Fundraisers included a house to house collection to be carried out by British Legion members and local youth organisations as well as the sale of car stickers.

There were also plans for a midnight screening in a local cinema and a dance.

Larne and District Traders’ Association, hotels, banks and local voluntary organisations were to be asked to support the appeal.

To show how much money had been rasied, a “barometer” was to be placed in the town hall to show how the appeal was progressing.

Mayor Councillor JW Sandford called for a “short sharp period of action” and he urged existing committees within the district to take responsibility for organisation of the appeal.

Sir Winston Churchill died on January 24 1965 at the age of 90 after he suffered from a stroke. The former British Prime Minister was regarded as one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.