Call for improved park and ride services in East Antrim

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An East Antrim MLA called for improvements to be made to the park and ride service available to people in the area in January 2001.

UUP MLA Roy Beggs raised a number of issues with the Regional Development Minister Gregory Campbell during Ministerial question time in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Mr Beggs asked the Minister if he was aware of the increasing road traffic congestion in the East Antrim area.

He also asked whether there were any plans in place to provide park and ride services at local stations.

The Minister said that he was aware of the increasing traffic congestion in the area and said that the problem would be tackled by pursuing an “integrated transportation strategy.”

He continued: “I expect that park and ride facilities will play an increasingly important role in the overall transportation strategy over the coming years.”

Mr Campbell added that plans to expand the park and ride facilities available at Whitehead had been put on hold as officials had to decide whether or not the project would justify the necessary expenditure that had been projected.