Bird owners urged not to leave budgies alone for long spells

Domestic birds should not be left alone for long periods, according to the USPCA animal welfare charity in November 1961.

In his annual report, Mr. WJ Baird, inspector of the Larne branch of the USPCA, said that they should be “kept in pairs” when their owners are absent.

He said that feathered pets receive “little attention in any discussion on the welfare of pets”.

“Budgies are gregarious by nature and pine when left alone,” he explained.

“Therefore, when they are deprived of their owners’ company for long periods, it is better and kinder that they should have the company of another bird.”

Mr. Baird also noted a “tragic increase” in animal road accident fatalities.

He urged owners to ensure the safety of their pets.

The inspector stated that owners should keep pets under control at all times, especially at weekends and during holiday periods.

“The result of this thoughlessness or indifference is the loss or abandonment of pets,”

Mr. Baird reported 535 cases of the “humane destruction” of pets within the area covered by the USPCA’s Larne branch.