Association puts forward name for new development

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A community association in Ballycarry was proposing a suggestion for the name of a new housing development in the village in March 2000.

The group was proposing that the name of the site, which was just off Main Street, should be called Kennedy Close.

They were asking Larne Borough Council to consider the move as a means of retaining the old name of Kennedy Row.

This name had disappeared when the houses, which had once stood there were demolished.

A small development was being built opposite the site and association members had put forward the name for consideration.

The small residential development has since been named Kennedy Close.

Meanwhile, that same week, Larne Borough Council was set to write to the local Translink manager, William Patton, asking him to review bus stop provision in the area, taking account of new housing.

Cllr Roy Beggs had raised the issue at a council committee meeting, saying how private housing was extending in many parts of the borough.

This was going beyond the last bus stop.