Army lorry crashed into house

An insurance man narrowly escaped death in a customer’s Millbrook home when he called to collect payment.

Just seconds earlier. householder Lily Houston had left the room to search for the book and her husband, Robert, a labourer, who had just returned from work left his lunchbox into the kitchen.

Mr. Houston said: “When I looked into the room, all I could see was rubble and dust”.

Mr. Barr, who sustained a fractured ankle, said: “I was nearly killed. Had I not moved when I did, the lorry would have crushed me.

“The noise and the way I was covered in debris reminded me of the Blitz.”

The lorry had been carrying nine members of the 6th RUR (TA) Battalion from Larne to Ballykinlar when it struck a parked vehicle before careering into the front the house.

Mrs. Houston was treated for shock by a doctor whilst a soldier was detained at the Moyle Hospital suffering from a broken arm. Four others sustained bruising and were treated for shock.