Anger explodes over Glenarm blasts

Blasts at Glenarm’s Eglinton Quarry caused an explosion of anger in the village in June 1977.

The local improvement committee claimed that an extension to the quarry “endangered children playing in a playground nearby.

Residents of Channel Vista estate suggested that the explosions could cause structural damage to their homes.

Rev. RB Bannon, minister of St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, said parishoners feared for the stained glass windows and spire of the 500-year-old church.

Dr. Ben Glover, chairman of Glenarm Improvements Committee, stated: “The whole village just starts to shake and then there is a very loud bang.

“We feel that the quarry is ruining the village. We are afraid that it may be a danger for children playing in the playground who could be hit by flying debris.”

A spokesperson for Eglinton Quarry said: “Although the new ground is near the village, the blast face impact is away from the village.

“We blast once a month and have an explosives expert who takes every precaution.

“We are testing the effect of vibrations on houses at Channel Vista.”