1991: Ulster emigration monument for Curran Park

A new memorial was given the go-ahead at Larne’s Curran Park in December, 1991.

The £30,000 statue was to be erected to commemorate the role of Ulster emigrants in America.

The idea was to depict a family leaving the Province bound for the United States in the 18th century.

A final sketch was examined by councillors from a selection provided to the Ulster Society sub-committee.

Councillor Amelia Kelly was told that the idea of a ship included in the plinth design would have been too costly.

The statue was designed to mark the contribution of Ulster emigrants including those who sailed from Larne on board the first emigrant ship “Friends Goodwill”, 275 years previously.

Also this week in 1991, work was due to commence on the development of Linn Road Glen.

The nature trail, linking housing developments to the countryside, was to be located between Killyglen Road and Larne West with an “open space corridor” leading to playing fields at Ballyboley Road. It was expected that the natural environment would be used by local residents.

The DoE also revealed plans to build 1,800 homes in the Larne West area on an 88 hectare site over a five to ten-year period.