A Glenarm publican described the RUC’s breathalyser policy as “damaging to tourism”.

Sean McClements, owner, of the Bridge End Tavern, said that checks by Traffic Branch had “led to a noticeable drop” in the number of people coming to drink in the village.

“I am in no way against some form of drink driving prevention but what I object to is the low level of alcohol which shows up on the breathalyser scale.

“Traffic checks on the Coast Road have hit the village badly. People are frightened to come to the coast because of the checks. I think more efficient devices should be introduced.”

Inspector Eric Drummond said that the breathalyser was a deterrent.

“Before the breathalyser, it was a case of walking down the white line and a visit from the doctor.

“The problem in Larne and surrounding areas is that many people choose to drink in pubs and hotels on the coast.

“I am not here to close down pubs’ livelihoods but if customers are stupid enough to drink and drive, then they will eventually be caught.”

From January to June, 18 drivers were over the limit.