THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Dean’s hope for redevelopment of lands around Belfast Cathedral

From the News Letter, April 13, 1950

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 6:00 am
St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast in August 2010. Picture: Paul Faith/PA Wire
St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast in August 2010. Picture: Paul Faith/PA Wire

At the Easter Vestry of the Belfast Cathedral the Dean, the Right Very Rev R C H G Elliott told how the board had achieved “a long-cherished” plan to purchase the remaining property on Academy Street at the side of the cathedral.

The dean told how the board were now in possession of the complete “island” site which was bounded by Donegall Street, Talbot Street, Exchange Street and Academy Street.

The Rev Elliott was at pains to express to the vestry the hope that the major portion of the space between Academy Street and York Street might be preserved as a park or garden.

It was his opinion that that part of the city of Belfast which was badly overcrowded was in need of such an amenity.

On completion of such a park or garden which the Rev Elliott said would provide an “uninterrupted” view of the cathedral.

It was his hope that such a development in the centre of the growing city of Belfast would be of such “outstanding beauty and architectural excellence” as to “merit the admiration of the whole community”.

In other business before the Easter Vestry the Rev Elliott extended his thanks for the response which had been given to an appeal for increased “givings” to help meet the higher costs of maintenance of the cathedral.

He also referred to help of the Friends of Belfast Cathedral and to the work of the Cathedral Mission.