Google Street View images are a fantastic historical record of how Larne is changing.

These Google Street View images show how much Larne has changed over the years

Do you remember when you saw a Google Street View image for the first time? Did you spend hours trying to ‘drive’ up the highways and byways, trying to spot places you recognised or work out a blurred out face or car registration number?

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 6:35 pm

As the Street View team at Google have now made numerous visits to Larne over the years, the images they captured are available as a fascinating way to reel back the years showing how this part of the world has changed between every visit.

While the technology clearly has practical uses, the historical value of the images captured by Google increases with each visit. Never before have we been able to view 360 degree panoramas of the Larne area as it continually evolves.

We hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane as we take a tour of Larne town centre to see how much has changed since the first time those Google cameras came to town!

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