‘Don’t turn a blind eye to diabetes’ says Larne optician

Darren Caulfield, optometry director, Specsavers, in Larne.
Darren Caulfield, optometry director, Specsavers, in Larne.

The team at Larne Specsavers is raising awareness to mark Diabetes Day 2018 on November 14.

Specsavers says that people with diabetes are up to 20 times more likely to lose their sight than those without the condition.

The opticians chain is urging the community to have an eye check to help prevent sight loss through the detection of diabetes.

Research supported by Specsavers’ partner charity, the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB), reveals that London, Manchester and Liverpool are among the UK cities at greatest risk of blindness due to diabetic retinopathy.

Darren Caulfield, optometry director at Specsavers, said: “Many people are unaware that eye tests are not only critical for your eyes, but your wider health too.

“That is why we hope to raise as much awareness as possible about diabetic retinopathy and the importance of regular eye tests.

“At Specsavers, we offer digital retinal photography for free as part of a standard eye test for everyone over 18. This takes a detailed picture of the back of your eye and the microcirculation of blood – helping to highlight indicators of diabetes that need addressing alongside the diabetic eye screening programme.”