Board seeks health premises in village

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The Health and Social Care Board has sought the support of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to establish a permanent GP facility in Glenarm.

Following the retirement of Dr. Benny Glover at the end of March, his patients are to be reallocated.

The Board has confirmed that all Glenarm patients will have a GP at the end of the month.

More than 1,300 will be taken on by a new ‘branch’ practice of Cushendall’s Glens of Antrim Medical Centre located temporarily in Carnlough.

Councillor James McKeown said he believed that this arrangement would be in premises to the rear of the village’s chemist shop.

Following a meeting with the Board, it has been indicated that the health body is seeking permanent premises in Glenarm for this provision.

The council has agreed to write to the Health and Social Care Board to confirm support for GP services for Glenarm and surrounding area.

Alderman Gerardine Mulvenna said she was delighted that an arrangement had been agreed by the Board.

She said she believed that citizens should have access to good services.

Alderman Maureen Morrow said that she was “slightly disappointed” to hear that there was no council premises available to offer the board for permanent surgery accommodation in Glenarm.

She was informed that the Board had “very specific requirements in terms of premises size and parking”.

Councillor Billy Ashe pointed out that the council has been supportive of the Board throughout the process and continues to be supportive.