The sky is the limit for Physics graduate Andrew McNeill

Andrew McNeill
Andrew McNeill

Today is a double celebration for Queen’s University PhD student a today as he graduates and prepares to jet off to the USA to track down “killer asteroids”.

Andrew McNeill from Ballyclare came to Queen’s in 2009 and has since completed a Masters and now a PhD in Solar System Astronomy.

He says it has been an experience he will remember for life: “During the course of my PhD, the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen’s has given me the means to travel to multiple international conferences, as well as allowing me to visit and make use of some of the world's leading telescope facilities. This has broadened my research experience in ways that would not otherwise have been possible and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.”

Andrew hopes to keep in touch with Queen’s as he advances his research during the next phase of his career, analysing and characterising killer asteroids.

“I will be continuing my research in Northern Arizona University where I will be working as part of a research team with experts in Near-Earth Asteroids and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. As part of this group I will help determine the orbits and properties of thousands of these potentially killer asteroids.”