Delight as Larne gets back to business

There was much excitement throughout Larne when hairdressers, barbers and other close-contact services opened up again for business.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 9:34 am

Our photographer Phillip Byrne was on hand to capture some of the atmosphere when these popular businesses stepped out of lockdown and there’s no doubt that everyone is delighted to see them open again.

Best wishes to all in the local business community who are working hard to keep their staff and customers safe.

Josh Dodds, Nigel Jones, Jordan "Speedy" Reid and Kenny Mied are glad to be back in business at Two Brothers Barber Co. INLT 17-006-PSB COVID
Sharon McErleane of Arta Hair and Beauty with Anne Marshall on opening day of the salon. INLT 17-001-PSB COVID
Lorraine Young owner of Rio Hair and Beauty salon is glad to be back at work. INLT 17-002-PSB COVID
Lorraine Healy (right) owner of Eleganze Hair and Beauty salon is pictured with Rachel-Anne McVeigh and Claire Brownlees on the opening day of the salon. INLT 17-003-PSB COVID
Driving instructor, Terence McCaughan is glad to be back on the road again. INLT 17-004-PSB COVID
Alan Murphy (left) owner of the Main Street Car Wash is pictured with Nail McAuley and Davy Haveron on their first day back after lockdown. INLT 17-005-PSB COVID
Pauline Robinson and Sharon Bird of Hair on the Hill Salon are looking forward to meeting all their customers again. INLT 17-007-PSB COVID