Caterpillar - ‘devastating blow’ says Lyons

Gordon Lyons MLA.
Gordon Lyons MLA.

East Antrim DUP MLA Gordon Lyons said staff at Caterpillar have been dealt a devastating blow.

He said: “Caterpillar is a major employer in East Antrim and the announcement of these job losses will have a significant impact on our local economy and NI’s manufacturing industry as a whole.

“This announcement has been made as a result of lower demand in the market. The job losses here in Larne, and the potential closure of the Monkstown facility is a deeply regrettable situation. Our thoughts must be with the 250 workers and their families who will be coming to terms with this upsetting news.

“I will be discussing the implications of this announcement with management and the Economy Minister in the coming days to ensure the presence of Caterpillar is retained in Northern Ireland.”