Larne and District Ladies’ Darts League results

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In the second round of games there were wins for United, Thatch, No1 Eagles, Rangers, and Ballylumford, with Legion Ladies having a bye.

High scores from the week

123 T. Anderson Pue United

120 C. Wilson United

114 L. Mc Hendry No1 Ladies

112 M. Kirkwood No1 Ladies


United 6 ( C. Wilson, T. Anderson Pue, J. Corrigan, J. Gillespie, D. McFaul, A. Vine) St. John’s 2 ( L. Dillon, R. Allen)

Legion Wings 2 ( S. O’ Toole, U. McBride) Thatch 6 ( J. McKeena, D. McIlhatton, L. Rea, C. McMeechan, E. Robinson, I O’ Sullivan)

No1 Eagles 5 ( C. Orr, L. Swann, N. Roberts, M. Hardy, M. Penny) Fleet 3 ( W. Bell, J. Bell, K. McNeill)

St. Comgall’s 3 ( M. Maxwell, M. Lehd, E. Toner) Ballylumford 5 ( N. McFaul, J. Hyslop, E. Ferguson, R. Maguire, J. Maguire)

Rangers 5 ( M. Clements, S. Holden, A. McCombe, Julie Nelson, L. Wright)

No1 Ladies 3 ( L. Mc Hendry, A . Davidson, M. Kirkwood)

Ballylumford Club will be hosting the Ladies Individual on Tuesday, September 29. This will start at 7.30pm.