Evans takes first in Larne AC’s Fulton Five handicap event

Theresa Evans, winner of Larne AC's Fulton Five handicap race, is presented with her award by Denise Sharratt. INLT 42-904-CON
Theresa Evans, winner of Larne AC's Fulton Five handicap race, is presented with her award by Denise Sharratt. INLT 42-904-CON
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Theresa Evans was the clear winner on Saturday morning as almost fifty Larne Athletic Club members took part in the Chekkers Winebar Fulton Five Handicap - the opening round of this year’s Handicap Race Series.

Consisting of 10 races over various terrain in the local area, each runner’s best six results count towards their overall scoring.

By the halfway point, Evans was already looking like a winner. She eventually finished in a time of 44:40, with a minute and a half to spare on second-placed Karen Heron, with Rhonda Wallace just behind in third. Chris Ferguson finished fourth, while Laura McAllister, Eddie Finn, Steven Reid and Helen Kane all improved significantly on their starting positions to make up the top eight.

Phelim McAllister’s time of 28:27 was fastest on the day and was his best time on the course by over a minute. Patricia Blair was fastest lady in 34:28 - also her best time on the course by over four minutes.

Top 15 results (with corrected times): 1, Theresa Evans, 44:40; 2, Karen Heron, 49:34; 3, Rhonda Wallace, 44:11; 4, Chris Ferguson, 47:09; 5, Laura McAllister, 41:07; 6, Eddie Finn, 40:30; 7, Steven Reid, 39:11; 8, Helen Kane, 43:25; 9, Rosie Humphries, 52:13; 10, Lyndsey Beggs, 42:26; 11, Gillian Given, 44:31; 12, Geraldine Hastings, 47:04; 13, Elaine Hall, 42:42; 14, Kerrianne Kearney, 42:28; 15, Stephen Montgomery, 33:19.

Fulton 5 Children’s Races

Before Saturday’s main event, 11 young athletes participated in two children’s races.

The first was 100 metres and six young runners took to the start line: Molly and Emmy Blair, Lucas and Caleb Ferguson, Joel McKay and Noah Montgomery. All runners in this race were aged between 3 and 5 years old. The sprint began and it was young Joel McKay who finished first followed by Lucas, Molly, Noah, Emmy and Caleb.

Next to race were Christopher Shaw (7) and sister Hannah (9), Cian Ferguson (9), Rebekah Hastings (10) and Will Barham (11). The second race was approximately 600 metresand the clear winner was Will Barham who finished in a fantastic time of 2:37, followed by Hannah, 3:03, Rebekah 3:04, Christopher 3:19 and Cian 3:53.

Wall Duathlon

Larne AC’s John Neill took part in The Wall Duathlon in Silent Valley. It consisted of a 2.2-mile trail run, 28.5-mile cycle and a final run of 9.4 miles. He finished in an overall time of 02:59.