Praise for lobby against borough’s illegal taxis

I WOULD like to commend Sinn Fein’s Oliver McMullan, MLA, and Councillor James McKeown for their quick and muti-layered response to the taxi cabs parking dangerously and illegally on the bus stop and loading bay in front of Dunne’s Stores on the Main Street.

I would also like to commend the Larne Times for placing very worthwhile articles and readers’ letters in the paper, such as that of the lady who complained she could not disembark from a bus safely because of taxis parked on the bus stop, which sparked off the campaign for a crackdown on taxi drivers who feel they can park anywhere and everywhere in the town, without retribution.

The ongoing lobbying by Mr McMullan and Cllr McKeown against unlicensed taxis in Larne is showing those who run the illegal cabs that they cannot take business from legal firms, who run a necessary service in the town, just as Ulsterbus does.

I would now ask Sinn Fein to do something about those parents and taxi drivers who park dangerously in front of schools in Larne.

Parking on dangerous bends at the junction of Greenland Road and The Roddens and in front of St Macnissi’s Primary School are just two examples of a problem that will sooner rather than later end in tragedy.


(Name and address supplied)