Removal of flags 'common sense' says McMullan

A SINN Fein spokesman has welcomed the removal of all but one of four unionist flags that had been put up in Glenarm last month.

Oliver McMullan had called on unionist politicians to use their influence to bring about removal of the Union and Ulster flags at what he called “strategic points” in the village.

Last week the Larne Times could find only one flag which had been attached to a telegraph pole at Toberwine Street.

This week, Mr McMullan said, “If influence has been used then that is terrific and those responsible are to be congratulated for demonstrating common sense.

“Sinn Fein has also been involved in the past two or three years in influencing the removal of a tricolour from the roadside in Carnlough. The party’s view is that strapping a flag to a pole is disrespectful and doesn’t prove anything.”

The Glens councillor added, “I would like to think that there would now be a bit of dialogue on the issue of flags and I would ask unionist politicians and religious leaders to exert their influence to bring about a start. It’s only by talking that we will resolve these issues.”