Public urged: ‘Give volunteering a go’

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LARNE residents are being encouraged to sign up for volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Now is working with organisations across Northern Ireland to highlight one off, turn up and try sessions to get more people involved.

A new calendar of events is now available. There is no long term commitment or obligation and there is a great variety of activities to suit a wide range of interests and abilities. The calendar will be regularly updated.

Denise Hayward, director, of outreach and engagement, said: “We often hear that one of the reasons people don’t get involved in volunteering is that they are afraid they will be committed to something long term.

“On the other hand, people who have taken the step to get involved, sometimes lose the momentum when they realise it may be a few weeks before they can volunteer whilst they wait for checks and inductions to be completed. These one-off opportunities enable potential volunteers to get involved straight away.

“No particular skills are required, the time commitment is often for a couple of hours or up to a day and some of the opportunities are open to families, so it is a great way to get grandparents, parents and children together for a day out whilst making a difference through volunteering.”

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