MP’s concern over fireworks

Sammy Wilson MP for East Antrim and Gordon Lyons, Councillor for the Coast Road, Larne have expressed their concern at the number of young children using fireworks in the Linn Road/Craigyhill area.

They said:“It appears that many of the children who were using the fireworks were of primary school age. They were lighting them, throwing them at each other and throwing them into the play park. We have contacted the police asking for more attention to the area, now that it is evident there is a source in the area selling fireworks illegally to children.

“It is important that parents warn their children about the dangers of this activity and that police find the source of these illegal fireworks.”

which by their very nature, tend to be more dangerous than those that are sold through legal sources.

“Hopefully a combination of parental supervision, warnings through school and patrolling by the police, will ensure that no-one is hurt as a result of the usage of these dangerous items.”