MP queries draughty homes in Millbrook

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Sammy Wilson MP for East Antrim has written to the Social Development Minister asking for an explanation as to why a window replacement scheme at Millbrook has been delayed because there is not enough funds whilst at the same time the NIHE is handing back millions of pounds in the October monitoring round because it can’t be spent.

Mr Wilson said: “I have been contacted by scores of constituents who have received letters that the promised window replacement scheme has been delayed.

“The purpose of the scheme was to improve insulation in NIHE homes some of which had no maintenance to their windows for years, have rotten window frames and expensive heat loss.

“The reason seems to be that there is not the money available even though the Minister told the Social Development Committee in the Assembly recently that millions of pounds were being handed back in the review of spending this October.

“It seems that the management of the NIHE are incapable of using the resources allocated to them even though as a result of the four year budget settlement I introduced when I was Finance Minister they knew far in advance how much money they had to

“The work on windows was part of the strategy to help people cut down on fuel bills so it was important to have it done.

“There may be some other explanation for this failure and if so I will look forward to the Minister’s explanation but what I really want is a promise that the work will be carried out in the near future,” Mr Wilson concluded.