Chernobyl children visit Larne

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Children from Chernobyl have visited Larne as part of the Chernobyl Children’s Appeal NI Ltd initiative.

This year, the organisation’s Larne group welcomed four children to stay with host families for three weeks, in order to provide a temporary escape from the high radiation levels in their home country following the 1986 nuclear disaster.

The break reduces radiation levels in the youngsters’ bodies, which could make them less likely to suffer from radiation-related cancers and illnesses.

Among the group is 19-year-old Zoya Kurnosova, who first travelled to the Province as a 7-year-old on the programme. Zoya is accompanying the group as an interpreter, after her stay in Northern Ireland motivated her to train as an English teacher.

She told The Times: “Coming to Northern Ireland changed my life and inspired me to learn English.

“There are a lot of benefits for children coming here-fresh air and food, seeing how another community and culture works.”

Read the full story in next week’s Larne Times, available in shops from August 12.


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