Islandmagee group launches its new community website

Islandmagee. INLT 03-319-PR
Islandmagee. INLT 03-319-PR

Islandmagee Community Development Association has introduced a new website to serve everyone in the local community.

The easy to use site is designed to provide a fast and efficient service to all those who wish to communicate digitally and is managed by dedicated members of the Community Association Committee.

While future work is being undertaken to develop the scope of the site, it already contains the basics: a comprehensive news section, a community directory, a visitor’s guide and details of the Community Association. It is also linked to Facebook and Twitter.

The Association received support funding through the North East Development Programme in conjunction with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Leader, the Rural Development Programme and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to enable the purchase of equipment, as well as professional help to design and construct the site.

Thanks are also due to Association members who have worked diligently in collating material to include on the site.

Community Association Chairman, Robin McIlwain, indicated the site was an ‘exciting development’ in that it greatly increases the ability to communicate both within Islandmagee and worldwide.

The site aims to create a focal point for the community as a whole, allowing a greater networking ability and promotion of the area. Previously, the Association relied on community notice boards, a quarterly news sheet and word of mouth to spread information, often difficult in a scattered rural area.

The most-used tool was the news sheet, which is limited by the time lag between editions. However, the site allows the Association to make information immediately available to the public as soon as it is received, although the news sheet will still be produced for as long as needed.

Those living abroad with family roots in Islandmagee regularly contact the Association for information, and the creation of the web site is expected to greatly enhance the ability to communicate with and service this need.

Visit the site at or contact the Association on