Hundreds say ‘yes’ 
to online 
TV licence

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More than 1,100 TV licence fee payers in Larne have opted to forgo their traditional paper licence, and receive their annual licence by email instead.

TV Licensing revealed that over 4.2m customers are now choosing to receive household bills and information by email, which has helped reduce the cost of collecting the licences by more than £15m in the past 12 months.

More than a million customers across the UK switched to email communication with TV Licensing in the last financial year.

Although TV Licensing uses sustainably sourced or recycled paper for all direct mail, the paper saved as a result of electronic communications accounts for around 1,600 trees across the UK.

Aside from the environmental impact, customers who move their licence online benefit from the speed and simplicity of being able to access their licence details over email. Customers can change their personal details or view payment plans, at any time on the TV Licensing website.

Deborah King, spokesperson for TV Licensing said: “Keeping on top of your own filing and paperwork can be a hassle. Switching to email allows customers to keep track of their licence and keep their details up-to-date from the comfort of their sofa.

“It’s easy to pay for a TV Licence, and there’s a range of payment options to suit most people. We’re seeing more people paying by direct debit, and the online payment trend continues to grow. More than 2.7m licences were sold online last year via our website, up almost 250,000 from the previous year.”

A TV Licence is legally required to watch TV programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV, whether on a computer, TV, or via the internet on a tablet or smart phone. A licence costs £145.50 and can be bought online at