Politicians urged to attend gas meeting

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AN environmentalist has called on local politicians to attend an upcoming meeting relating to the proposed natural gas storage facility at Islandmagee.

Nigel Hamilton, chairman of Marine Conservation Northern Ireland, and member of East Antrim Marine Alliance, has urged councillors and MLAs for the area be present at the meeting in Larne Golf Club on Monday (February 11) at 7.30pm, where they can “hear presentations, ask questions and discuss issues with residents and ratepayers, along with key stakeholder groups”.

Islandmagee man Mr Hamilton added: “This is an important part of the consultation process and has been granted to us with the cooperation of Richard Coey of the NI Environment Agency and Chris Burns, Marine Division licensing officer, and a leading environmentalist.

“Your attendance will be both acknowledged and recognised by those residents and groups who view the potential facility with some scepticism and concern environmentally.”

Are you affected by the Islandmagee Storage Company’s proposals for storing natural gas in caverns under Larne Lough?

Are you a resident who feels your concerns are not being addressed?

Or are you a supporter of the planned plant?

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