15 thefts from Larne borough oil tanks in one year

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Police have received 15 reports of oil thefts in the Larne area over the past year, it has emerged.

And as residents fill up their oil tanks for winter, police have issued crime prevention advice in the form of 10 simple steps to help prevent further thefts as the cold nights set in.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “The message from police is, don’t be caught out in the cold by thieves this winter, take some simple steps to be safe, secure and warm.”

Your tank site:

- Secure your yard against easy access from criminals - good gates, secure fences, perimeter alarming etc,

- Protective planting of prickly scrubbery around your tank, caging or walling of tanks are a big deterrent.

- Sensored lighting and CCTV are also a big deterrent to potential thieves,

Your tank:

- Consider fitting security features to your tank - such as locking cap, oil level indicators, anti tampering devices (contact your local supplier),

- Be pro-active, fit warning and alert devices that warn of impending thefts,

- Advertise any anti theft devices to the potential thief - it can be a big deterrent before the theft,


- Check your heating oil regularly at least twice a week, preferably daily. And always keep your heating oil receipts after purchase of oil,

- Be a good neighbour and report anything suspicious around a neighbours home ie tanker in driveway at unusual time, persons taking hoses through to oil tanks etc,

- Prior to reporting to police on 0845 600 8000 obtain a good description of vehicle and persons involved.