Churches host divine services

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St Columba’s Church of Ireland, Gleno, was the venue for the annual divine service organised by Flower of the Valley RBP 79 and Donald’s Purple Heroes LOL 517.

Led by Larne District Marshall Tommy Marcus and accompanied by lone piper Alistair McIlroy, the procession left Gleno Dairy for the church at the “Head of the Town”.

Marchers included Sir Knight Rev Paul Reid, deputy chaplain Ballymoney RBP No 5; Ian Wilson, chaplain Larne RPB No 4; Larne District Master Harry Carter; and David Boyd, chaplain Larne LOL No 1.

The service was led by Rev Stephen Forde and readings were by Sir Knight Capt H B Woods and Bro James Strange.

A collection, in aid of LEMOS, was taken by the two deputy masters, Sir Knight Jimmy Hunter, RBP 79, and Bro Steven Blair, LOL 517.

Two of Gleno’s long-standing ‘Heroes’, Tommy Marcus and Ian Blair, recently received 50-year medals from County Secretary William Thompson.

Rev D Rankin was the guest speaker for Sunday’s annual combined divine service.

Led by Carnalbana Flute Band, the Sir Knights and brethren made their way from Raloo Protestant Hall at Mounthill to Raloo Presbyterian Church at Crosshill.

District Officers present included, from Larne RBP No 4, district master Wilfie Han-na and Sir Knight R Nelson; from Larne LOL No 1, district master Harry Carter, depu-ty district master Br David Swann, district chaplain Bro Ian Wilson, district treasurer Capt Bro H B Woods and dis-trict standard bearer, E Steele.