Call for ‘speedy’ action on Glynn’s Jubilee bridge

Ulster Unionist representatives have urged a “speedy and definitive resolution” to an issue surrounding a bridge in Jubilee Park, Glynn.

The issue is believed to relate to ownership of adjoining land, and a legal process is being followed.

Speaking after a recent meeting of Larne Borough Council’s development committee, Alderman Roy Beggs and Councillor Mark McKinty released a statement saying: “In 2012 we called for the refurbishment of this bridge, which had been closed for some time. This was following concerns of residents, and also to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee, given the connection with Jubilee Park.”

The elected representatives added: “There are allocations in the budgets for the refurbishment, but unfortunately the issue is ongoing. We thank the officers for their persistence, and urge a speedy and definitive resolution for the benefit of all the residents of the Glynn and visitors to Jubilee Park.”