At last summer is here, but play safely

Ballygally. INLT 03-304-PR
Ballygally. INLT 03-304-PR

Summer holidays are here and Nothern Ireland Electricity has issued a reminder to young people throughout the borough to have fun and to put safety first when they are playing outside.

Margaret Gallagher, safety officer at NIE, says everyone should be aware of the dangers of electricity.

“The electricity network is all around us and it is safe when left alone, but can be potentially fatal when tampered with. You only get one chance with electricity – make sure you know the potential dangers and stay a safe distance away when working or playing near electricity equipment.

“During the summer months children generally play outside and we would urge them to be aware of their surroundings. People can be seriously injured or killed by coming into contact with overhead electricity lines and equipment while fishing, climbing trees or flying kites and model aeroplanes.”

Margaret’s advice is simple but potentially life saving to the young and old alike.

· Never bring an object close to overhead lines – electricity can jump gaps so keep well clear especially when fishing or kite flying.

· Be careful when climbing trees. The branches may be growing through overhead electricity lines. Contact NIE on 08457 643 643 to report any trees growing through overhead lines.

· Never throw anything at overhead lines or any 
electricity equipment.

· Do not try to climb on top of or enter a substation to retrieve a toy or football. It is not worth risking a life over a toy. Every substation has a sign with a telephone number to contact NIE.

· If anything makes contact with an overhead line, do not try to retrieve it – contact NIE immediately on 08457 
643 643.

· Never play in derelict buildings as the electricity supply may still be on.

· Never touch or tamper with electrical equipment or wires inside or outside 
your home.

Margaret added: “NIE’s Kidzsafe programme has introduced some new characters, including Suzy Sparkz and Chase Powers to take young people on the journey of electricity and highlight the potential dangers. Electricity pylons, poles and substations can attract adventurous youngsters but our advice is simple – stay safe by staying away from 
electricity equipment.”

If you would like more information on Kidzsafe or 
any other safety advice this summer, check out the NIE safety website